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EVERGLADES WILDLIFE BARONS: The Legendary Piper Brothers and Their Wonder Garden
by Charles LeBuff (2010) ISBN 978-0-88359-064-5 - Cat. # RCB-0645

Bill and Lester Piper were no strangers to living on the edge in dangerous times, doing dangerous things, and risking their lives on a daily basis. They were financially successful bootleggers during the Great Depression and after Prohibition was repealed they put the Detroit River behind them and settled in Bonita Springs, Florida. In the late 1930s they opened the Bonita Springs Reptile Gardens that evolved into the Everglades Wonder Gardens, which by the 1950s became Florida’s premier wildlife attraction. The Piper brothers owned and exhibited the world’s largest collection of threatened American crocodiles, and also pioneered captive propagation of the endangered Florida panther. Their Wonder Gardens educated tens of thousands of Americans in the early days of environmental education and ecotourism. This book is a window into the dangers, intrigue and constant struggle for existence in the depths of the impenetrable and fascinating Everglades. The Piper brothers were undeniably the Wildlife Barons of the Everglades.
Size 6" X 9" - 272 Pages, 33 photos, notes and index. softcover. 7.5 X 10"

by Heyward Clamp Jr. (2009) ISBN 978-0-88359-063-8 Cat # RCB-0638

Heyward tells stories about the numerous fascinating characters – both human and reptilian – he has met throughout his life. From the story of Attila Beke, who could locate and identify a snake by sound, to his account of a near-fatal king cobra bite received by his boss and mentor Bill Haast, Heyward’s “tales” are sure to entertain, enlighten, and excite the reader.
238 pages, 46 b&w photos, softcover.

by Frank Weed, edited by John Kemnitzer. (2010)
ISBN 978-1-885209-64-1 Cat # RCB-9641

An intriguing collections of tales from the wild side. This book reflects a lifetime of unique adventures by the author who lives and loves to pursue and catch cold-blooded creatures, especially snakes. As you travel with the author poking around cactus, Australian Pines, and stump holes, you learn his snake hunting secrets.
219 pages, b&w photos and illustrations, softcover.

LIVING DRAGONS: A Natural History of the World's Monitor Lizards
by Rodney Steel (1996) ISBN # 0-88359-040-9 - Cat. # RCB-0409H

This group of lizards includes the real monsters, the famed carnivorous (and even occasionally man-eating) Komodo Dragons from Indonesia, lizards that are true giants. Add to these a further range of almost equally large monitors from Asia, Australia and Africa, some dwarfs (Odairia) from Australasia, the rare and little known Earless Monitor (Lanthanotus) from Borneo, their poisonous relatives ( Gila Monster and Beaded Lizards) of North America) and one has a fantastic study of an important family of creatures. With 36 excellent color photos and other illustrations this book examines their evolution, habitats , lifestyles, biology and the need for their conservation.
160 Pages., 36 color, 12 b&w illus., 20 line illus. & maps,
Hardcover, with dust jackets, 7.5 X 10"

by Bill Branch (1998) ISBN 0-88359-042-5 – Cat# RCB-0425

The text and range maps have been completely re-worked, covering 83 new species. Now 480 species of reptiles are recorded from the southern African region including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana. Each species identification includes the size range, a discussion of biology and breeding, habitat and range. Where subspecies occur, these are also covered.
Size 5.75" X 8.25" - 368 Pages, Now Over 600 color photos, 462 updated distribution maps, Soft cover

From Port Augusta to Fraser Island including Tasmania
by Martyn Robinson (1998) ISBN # 0-7301-0393-5 - Cat. # RCB-3935

This book will help identify all the frogs from New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, southern South Australia, and Southern Queensland. A key with drawings of distinguishing features , plus a color photograph and range map for each frog, will help to identify each species. There are 89 excellent color photographs and 89 range maps showing the distribution throughout the entire continent. The text gives description, calls, habitat and notes similar species. The illustrated key makes for simpler identification. A glossary and list of references is included.
Softcover, 112 pages, color photos, range maps, 5.75 X 9 inches.


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